Academic Learning Resources


HCT libraries are among the best equipped in the Gulf region, housing extensive collections of print and electronic resources. HCT libraries provide access to advanced information and learning technologies.

Library users can search the HCT web-based library catalogue to locate and access library materials housed at all 17 libraries within the HCT system. For more information visit The HCT library collection resources include:

  • Over 357,700 print titles, 406,045 eBooks, 70,262 e-Journals and 127 databases (programme-specific and general)
  • Local and international newspapers, magazines and journals (print)
  • Annual reports from government and industry
  • Instructional resources (including online)
  • DVDs, fiction and non-fiction
  • Access to high-performance computers
  • Streaming video facilities, for campuses and classrooms (at selected campuses)

Each library also provides individual and group instruction on topics ranging from general information, literacy skills, guiding library patrons to relevant resources in specific areas of study and undertaking academic research.

Independent Learning Centres

The mission of the HCT’s Independent Learning Centres (ILCs) is to provide an enriched environment that extends beyond classroom learning to support students. The ILC staff provide students with a rich set of individualized learning opportunities, including face-to-face and self-paced on-demand digital content. The ILC programme caters for individual differences and learning styles that support a variety of student learners.

eTextbooks, resource books and laboratory materials

HCT has made the commitment to become the pre-eminent technology-enhanced higher education institution in the UAE. All current students are provided with resources appropriate to their respective major and year of study, which support learning in and out of the classroom and which are consistent with the mission and goals of HCT. These resources may include:

  • eTextbooks and other interactive electronic resources as selected by the teaching faculty
  • Discipline specific resources (e.g. software)
  • Additional resources to support student learning provided by the campus or Division, including materials, equipment and tools required for laboratory and other practical instruction (e.g. specific clothing/uniforms, hard hats, protective boots, which become the property of the student)

Internet Access

The HCT internet access and electronic mail services are provided under the authority of the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor of the HCT, in accordance with federal laws and regulations governing the use of these services. Users of the internet are governed by the HCT Internet Access and Electronic Mail Policy. Provision of access to internet resources and services is intended to support the need for HCT graduates to develop the computer and information-seeking skills that are essential for the workplace and for lifelong learning. Students are expected to equip themselves with tablet computers and/or laptops required to support their learning.

Copyright Policy and Guidelines

The main objectives of the HCT Copyright Policy and Guidelines are to:

  • Ensure compliance with the provisions of UAE Federal Law No. 7, 2002
  • Establish and protect HCT ownership of all HCT produced materials
  • Provide guidelines in determining the application principles for interpretation of the law

The HCT acknowledges that the Ministry of Information and Culture is regarded as the definitive source of information on matters involving intellectual property rights.